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Session 13: Attempted Barbeque

The party retreats back to the bathhouse to heal up. Remembering a majority of them are likely infected with lycanthropy of the rat strain they proceed to lock everyone up in separate rooms to see who turns. During the night banging is heard from below the bathhouse but is not investigated. Over the course of the night, Loskid and Elanor discover they have become wererats, while Lenelia becomes somewhat ill but does not transform into a rat. Loskid is concerned over how this course of events will impact his standing with St. Cuthbert and in the morning ventures out to try to find a way to be cured. He learns that the church does not have a way to cure lycanthropy on demand and at no cost.

Meanwhile, a conjurer named Hilde arrives at the bathhouse in search of Thognak who she says owes her money. Melgarin finds this story plausible and Hilde joins the party. Investigating the stairs down they find the goblins have built a barricade to keep out marauding adventurers. Using a vial of alchemists fire they decide to light the barricade on fire to solve this latest obstacle. Loskid returns and not fully in agreement with the party's new pyro tendencies attempts to put the fire out. Eventually the party remembers they have a decanter of endless water and use it to clear the remnants of the underground bonfire they made.

Advancing into the bathhouse basement again the party suddenly finds Thognak, who has become both wererat and hostile toward the party. After a pitched fight where it is discovered that being a wererat and possibly possessed has not made Thognak's wizard/barbarian multiclass significantly better in melee Thognak is sadly killed for real this time. The party takes his stuff, because well they already have a replacement wizard.

Moving forward just beyond the storage room, Lelenia spots goblins seemingly preparing an ambush in a tunnel up ahead. The party debates rolling flaming barrels of oil down into the ambush, taking enough time that the goblin ambush in the form of a pack of wolves lead by a bigger, stronger wolf comes to them. Hilde casts grease where the bigger wolf with several of the pack are standing and everyone learns these wolves don't like having to make reflex saves and balance checks every round to stay standing. Eventually Melgarin puts enough damage into the bigger wolf that it turns into a cloud of mist and floats away. The party downs wolves until the survivors decide they've had enough and run away.

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