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Good Session 4

The party burned down the evil crate and barrel, then formed a bucket chain to put it out with raw sewage. After putting the fire out, they investigated the rubble, clearing the entrance to the Heralds of the Black's hideout. After several unsuccessful attempts to open the sealed door into the inner sanctum, the group consults their sage, and learns of an Abjurer named Petna living near the town of Holtzkrieg. Traveling to the wizard's dwelling, they best the wizard and his house in combat, looting the place of valuables and a young halfling named Div. Div, apprenticed to Petna, trades his knowledge of Petna's spellbook for not being burned alive, and agrees to accompany the party under the slightly creepy auspices of Rothgar.

Returning to Brünest, the party assaults the cult hideout once again, killing and capturing multiple zombies, before escaping once again, much to the fury of the cult leader, an elf cleric called Korcellia. However, things take a turn for the worst when, after taking his captured zombies with him, the town guard stops Rodo and demands an explanation. Things go further down hill when Tek makes a smokebomb escape and Rothgar bullrushes his way from the group, Div flapping from his belt. Rodo and Galia are arrested, and the party is split…

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