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Brünest is one of the largest cities in Evérell, located west of the capital, along the Spindle Highway that connects from the border of Semock in the east with the town of Branchpoint in the west. Being approximately halfway across Evérell, Brünest offers a major stopping point for caravans heading between the coast and the lands to the west.

Settled among the hilly ground of the Upheaval region, a particularly large jutting of land known as the Shield Mountain dominates the city. Inside is located the local palace and residence of the local authority, Governor Trell Kormand. Additionally, large vaults and business halls occupy the rest of the mountain. A town council, elected by the voting citizenry, advices the Governor on the running of the city, and it meets within the mountain. Additionally, within the road ring that defines the area colloquially called the “Shadow of the Mountain”, you can find a major temple dedicated to Wahkeen, a school of the Arcane Order, a massive trading hall design similar to the Acropolis of ancient Greece, and a towering ziggurat, home to Kír Mirrkeen Stormreaver, an old dwarf, and a Herald Master of the Grey Skulls mercenary band, currently under them employ of King Farrior III.