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Good Session One

The party, having travelled together for some time previously, arrived at a caravan stop. Although small, the town had high walls and a sizeable guard. At the entrance the party heard about a series of disappearances which had been plaguing the town. After several false starts, and the temporary loss of the party's thief, they tracked the disappearances to a farm outside of town. A small cult of farmers and townfolk had been sacrificing victims on a black stone altar.

Later experimentation found that the alter could be used for summoning.

The party killed nine of the ten cultists, but Aiken, the grocer's boy, escaped.

Along with their reward, the party received a cart and horse to carry the altar, and departed with it in tow. Additionally Magnus Orell passed along his trading contact's name in Brünest (Tavis Arrat). Tavis is a trader of some magnitude, and will buy most goods from you for favorable prices. Additionally, he is likely to have almost any good, and most minor magical items in stock, or available upon request in a few days.

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