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Good Session Two

On the way to the city, the party tried using the altar again. This time, an ethereal filcher came through. It stole a wand of eagle's splendor and left.

The party arrived in a city, and sorely tried the patience of Tavis Arrats. After selling off the loot from the previous encounter, the party wandered around aimlessly for a while. Tek hired a scholar to think deep thoughts about the Altar.

The party found a mapmaker, Srecko, and demanded a map of some caves. The mapmaker's retarded assistant, Giles, gave us a map to some caves.

After exploring a small cave, the party discovered an ancient tower that had collapsed and been covered underground. Within the tower was an identical alter, and 3 more Heralds of the Black. After bamboozling the cultists and tricking them into giving you the name of their nominal leader in Brünest, the party was suprised to find Giles suddenly popping into the cave. No longer the retarded simpleton they previously met, he dispatched the cultists with a fireball, and caused a cave in with a lightning bolt, before disappearing again with the alter in tow. Before he left, he indicated that he served Mammon.

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