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Good Session 3

The party, having rested at the Ornate Inn, explored the Mapmaker's shop. Loot included Maps and secret eeeevil correspondences. The correspondences were hidden in a secret room through a trapdoor with a poisoned handle.

After bluffing our way into the Crate and Barrel, Throckmorton and Rodo felt that the temple leader was too rude, and left. Despite the concerted efforts of the cult, the entire party blithely wandered out of the shop, leaving a prone ogre zombie and a small trail of dead cultists.

After a shopping interlude, the party headed for a funny door in the sewer described in the eeeevil correspondence. The door opened by messing with a mechanism on the door to make a funny symbol. Inside was a room with a skeleton that talked in an unknown language, then screamed at/teleported away three of the party. The remaining two eventually killed the skeleton. The party rested back at the inn.

Through the doors was a series of passages with portculii, and full of various vermin. Past the vermin was a tomb with huge piles of silver. The tomb was blazoned with a symbol Rodo vaguely remembered being part of a set of seven.

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