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Large and Loud

Emerald Hammer is a mountain of a man, standing just over 7 feet tall and weighing nearly 400lbs. His skin is the deep caramel tan of the southern deserts, he wears his long black hair in a thick oiled braid reaching down to his mid back, and his beard is course and full. He normally wears his green friar's robe, with a simple rope belt. His voice reverberates his surroundings with his jovial laughter.

Emerald Hammer is a wandering Friar of the Order of the Harlequin Wall, the evangelistic branch of the Builders of a Harlequin Future. He travels the country side, helping towns build homes, walls, dikes, and levees. He's a loud, boisterous man, with a rather intemperate nature for a friar, overindulging in wine, food, and women much of the time. He's a devoted protector of the weak, though somewhat more headstrong than is good for him. Exalting zenith has only magnified these traits.

The strangest part about Hammer, though, is his companion. A great dire wolf with a course, sandy gold coat accompanies him everywhere. Named Howl of the Sun, Hammer found his companion in the southern deserts, an unlikely place for a wolf. It was never a question of taking the wolf into his care, the two were companions from the moment of meeting, almost as if their journey was predestined. As a traveling friar, Hammer and Howl have made their way across the southern deserts and up into the west, an overindulgent, but loving friar and his dog, both large yet gentle. Hammer was not one to think too deeply regarding this relationship, that is until:

The Day Howl Spoke

Hammer's Journal

Hammer's History

*Hammer rarely contains his essence, allowing it to leak out in vain glory at each opportunity. His anima banner is gold tinted green, and leaps forth into an anthropomorphic wolf hovering over his body, golden with both Hammer and the wolf showing lamp-like green eyes. He becomes more feral in a totemic state, preferring to lope rather than just run and just as likely to howl than command. He might be easily mistaken for a Wood Terrestrial or Lunar by those with limited knowledge*