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You fell down.

Yes, that would explain why my head hurts so much.

It's usually the ale.

Ale is good for me. Doctors said so.

No they didn't.

I'm sure the watery one did at some point. Wait, where am I?


That's very specific. *For the first time Emerald Hammer inspects his companion. Howl sits before him, luminescent gold with lamp-like green eyes* So when did you start talking?

About the time you started failing.

*Hammer shakes his head* I remember now. There were quite a lot of them. All with armor.

You at least went down screaming.

I did at that. *Hammer chuckles* Now, as much as I love the company old friend, I'd also like a bit of back story here.

You have a destiny. We found you worthy.

We? I love you boy, but multiple personalities will take some getting used to.

We can take many forms. This one was comfortable to you. *Howl explodes into a nimbus of light, scorching Hammer's eyes. Raw, untamed solar radiance blossoms for a moment, the coalesces*

You…? I mean…? The old Gods?

*Howl smirks* Not so old as you might imagine, mortal. Our time is come again. We would walk the world, and deliver it to the harmony and justice that was.

My Lord, I am your faithful servant.

As you were when you fathered those sixteen bastards?

I… well, you see.. wait, sixteen?

Seventeen, but for one dying in child birth.

Hmmmm. A man has his needs you see…

You are a man of passion, Xiahou Feng called Emerald Hammer. The same burning passion of my Unconquered Glory. We have need of this passion.

*Hammer stands straight* Then I swear on my life, you shall have it!

*Howl's face takes on a look of deep knowing*As expected. Rise, Emerald Hammer, and correct this injustice. We will be watching…