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Session 3

The party investigates other rooms on the way back, and discovers the Kobolds' dragon. It is uninterested in returning, so Greeno urges them to hit it with sticks until it does. A moral quandry ensues.

Zyltorin tries to lure the dragon back to the kobolds with gold. This is somewhat successful, but it falls in a nearby pit trap. Beleiving he has been betrayed, the dragon attacks the party, who promptly kill it. Greeno butchers the dragon and wears its hide.

The party then proceeds back to goblin territory. Unfortunately, the goblins have set a watch and quickly prepare an ambush. The ambush is a draw: most of the goblins are killed, but the party is forced to retreat and rest. While they nap, Greeno Brings the kobolds to clear out the rest of the goblins.

When the party wakes, they find kobolds trying to get in to the last remaining goblin, and a deep pit full of goblin bodies. The last goblin is pried loose, and is discovered to be guarding kobold prisoners and a gnome, Erky Timbers.

With Erky’s help the party accesses a locked door. Inside are many skeletons and a whistle. After some negotiation, they retrieve the key to another area from the kobolds and find singing balls, a riddling statue, a secret closet, and an imp. Finally, they arrive at a large sarcophagus.

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