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Session 2

More Goblins Than Expected

The party proceeds to through the “back entrance” to the goblin are of the citadel. There, they find a fountain with a draconic word on it and a door that will not open, also labelled in draconic). As no-one in the party speaks draconic, this is awkward.

Hazarkin returns to the Hall of Dragons and convinces their leader to send another Kobold to aid them. She selects Greeno, a hitherto unnamed kobold commoner.

Greeno translates the door and the fountain, neither of which they are able to use.

Continuing on, the party encounters many rats, one of which Zyltorin saves Greeno from. They kill one especially large one, which Greeno butchers, skins, and wears. Greeno provides many rats for Zyltorin to eat.

Done with rats, the party moves into the goblin areas, and sets cunning traps. Eventually, they find more goblins than expected, and are forced to retreat to town and rest.


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