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Session 1

Meet at an Inn

The party gathers at the Ol' Boar Inn. Hazarkin plans to investigate the Sunless citadel to locate the source of the magic fruits, and recruits Rylos to help. Mia bonds with Rylos over a shared appreciation for dresses. Mardred bonds with Rylos over a shared appreciation for dwarf. Hazarkin invites Zyltorin for additional fire support.

The party spends the night at the inn, and is not attacked during the night.

Much Ado About Fabric

The following morning, many scrambled eggs are consumed. Kerowyn Hucrele approaches Rylos and has a long, unexpected discussion of fabrics. She is wearing a dress made from cloth imported from Maztica, a bolt of which Rylos demands to purchase. Business concluded, Kerowyn asks him to look for her missing scions, Talgen and Sharwyn Hucrele, offering salvage rights as incentive. She will also pay a reward for their safe return, and a lesser reward for the return of their signet rings.

The party starts the hike toward the Sunless Citadel, reaching it mid-morning.


Descending into the chasm containing the citadel, they are attacked by rats before everyone has reached the ledge. The attacking rats are defeated and devoured.

The party begins exploring and finds a pit trap full of corpses-and-rat. Later they find a secret closet full of skeletons. After Mia listens at a door and imagines a scraping sound, they party takes a different door.

The part discovers an empty room with a makeshift litter loaded with rocks. Much is made of this, but explorations continue.

Meeting Meepo

At the end of a hallway, the sound of snoring becomes obvious, then deafening. Investigating, Hazarkin discovers the source is a small kobold ensconced in a large pile of rags. Mardred beheads the kobold, then investigates the room, finding a broken cage, minor treasures (one of which Hazarkin steals) and various doors. The first door is trapped with a pot of vile effluvia; the kobolds behind it direct the party to their leader.

Eventually, the party meets the kobold leader Yusdrayl. She describes where the goblins can be found, and asks them to return Calcryx (the kobolds' dragon), who has been stolen by the goblins. She will reward them for this, and will send Meepo to help.

The party scrams quickly, sneaking Meepo's body out the door towards goblin territory.

Sunless Citadel Home
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