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Session 4

After sufficient effort, the party opens the sarcophagus.

Inside is a troll.

The party closes the sarcophagus.

While the troll regenerates, Mardred frantically tries to latch the lid closed. Before she finishes, the troll heaves the lid off and attacks. Eventually, it is defeated.

Rylos takes a troll limb and presents it to the Kobolds, interrupting Greeno’s courtship of their queen. Rylos is now he mightiest hunter and object of her affections. After staying the night with the kobolds, the party returns to the pit.

Rylos climbs 80 feet down to the bottom, and is attacked by angry shrubs and skeletons. As the rest of the party climbs down to help, several discover gravity’s harsh embrace.

Having just slain angry trees and skeletons, the party is attacked by Balsag, a bugbear hunter, and his two rat hunting hounds. The fight is brief. Afterwards, Zyltorin whistles up a zombie from Balsag’s corpse.

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