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Session 76:

This week begins finding our adventurers at the base of the Tree of Shackled Souls. They see “dyr'ryd”, a demodand whom Loskid attempts to diplomacy the shit out of but who actually tries to convince Loskid that the merging of the planes is a good thing. Elanor sneaks around the tree to get behind dyr'ryd, while Melgarin approaches dyr'ryd from the front ostensibly to hear his story better. Melgarin then attempts to intimidate dyr'ryd to explain how one would attempt to stop the merging of the planes, so that the party may “make sure that doesn't happen”. Dyr'ryd advises not to mess with the tree. They start attacking Dyr'ryd, and he paralyzes Elanor while kiting the rest of the party. Hilde amazingly absolutely destroys Dyr'ryd with balls of electricity.

The team then starts backtracking in the caverns trying to see if they'd missed anything important since they bypassed much of the dungeon via Loskid's wish to go to the Tree of Shackled Souls. They come to a room with a fountain, an altar, another demodand, and a guy. After Hilde finds a book describing a “failsafe” against the planar merge, the guy summons in a hezrou and a wall of blades. Elanor and Hilde are both nauseated by the stench of the Hezrou. Melgarin kills the demodand. The guy (Shebeleth) casts in two more walls of blades before turning into an invisible troll and running away like a bitch. Finally Hilde, Elanor, and Loskid destroy the hezrou while Melgarin chases down the troll before coming to a wierd looking room.

Hilde disintigrates a wall to let Loskid out from behind one of the walls of blades. Elanor finally catches up with Melgarin outside of the wierd room. It is a cluster of large stalagmites carved into humanoid figures that have lava flowing through them depicting savagery and torture. Melgarin enters the room to spot a sneaky person hiding at the wall who then casts “hold person” on him, paralyzing him and freezing him in place.

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