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Session 75:

This week we find our adventurers deciding that “the world is about to end, I guess we'll take a nap” in their extradimensional space they summoned via “rope trick” in order to rest for a few hours since Hilde was spent, Melgarin was hurting pretty bad, and Loskid had expended his faith-based initatives. It seems to our adventurers that likely the cagewrights had encountered Moltonwing and decided to bribe him, while our adventurers decided killing a pyroclastic dragon was the better approach.

As they exit the extradimensional space, they can hear/feel two “whines”, one high pitched and the other low pitched. Through creative storytelling (and the adventurers' many abilities), they rapidly cross the magma to the tunnels they were in last time. As they explore a passageway they had not explored before, Elanor opens a door to find a room with a massive pipe organ with multiple pipes coming off of it. The keys are made of finger bones, while the bench is made of the skeleton of a dwarf. Also, there is a bed, a wardrobe, and a shrine.

On the organ, Elanor finds some obscure symbols engraved on an obscure part of the organ. Hilde deciphers the script to find that it denotes a specific chord. Hilde points this out to Elanor due to her extraordinary dexterity. Elanor fondles the organ for awhile before finally playing the secret chord, and the organ slides away from the wall revealing a secret passage. Loskid inspects the shrine and discovers that it is a shrine to Adimarchus.

Down the hidden hallway they discover a room with another shrine with Adimarchus's name written on every available surface in the room. On the shrine is a stone sculpture of the Carcerian Eye. Entering into the room, Loskid and Melgarin immediately have an understanding of how this room connects to Carceri, and how they could use that to use wish as a spell-like ability one time. Both explain this to Hilde, who has the idea to try to find via “Discern Location” (Melgarin's “wish”) to find Zenith Splintershield, and then use “transport travelers” to go there, all with the assumption that the soul of Zenith Splintershield is there and that he was one of the shackleborn. Loskid then decides to bypass the plan, grabs the team and wishes that they all be at the tree of shackled souls.

They find themselves in a room with a large tree of metal with 13 branches forming out of channels of lava forming the sign of Carceri. From each branch is a cage holding a shackleborn. The group recognizes Zenith and Terim, but not the 11 other prisoners…

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