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Session 57: The Failed Disguise

The group found themselves finishing “talking” with the soul pillars in the chamber of the dracolich Vittriss Bale (after finding out the names of the 13 Cagewrights: Adrick, Alurad, Dyr'ryd, Embril, Freija, Gau, Kyan, Nulin, Shebeleth, Ssythar, Thearynn, Thifirane, and Xokek). It is decided that they want to head back to Cauldron, so they slowly make their way back to the entrance of the dungeon and teleport back to their home in Cauldron and review the diary.

Hilde, Melgarin, and Loskid make their way to the office of Captain Skellerang, where (after Loskid “diplomas the shit out of Anthony”, allowing them to actually meet with Captain Skellerang), he tells them he can pay them 100g to take out a nest of Kobolds. They respectfully decline and explain that the soul pillars instructed them to “KILL THE SHACKLEBORN!”. He doesn't have much information go give, so the three adventurers head to their local bar (the Tipped Tankard Tavern).

Elanor decides to sneak in (while the pain in the ass Anthony is still out to lunch) and starts to gather information. While she is taking her time sifting through papers, Anthony returns, so she promptly decides to hide under his desk. Her distraction technique is to pull a weasel out of a bag and have it attack Anthony. He picks up the weasel and sees Elanor, when she attempts to bluff that she's been looking for the weasel. She succeeds, and proceeds to pick up the weasel, depart the office, and heads to the Tipped Tankard Tavern.

Once reunited, the team decides to seek out advice from a local leader. They quickly decide that the Temple of Weejas is not a good idea (since they murdered the entire population there), so Loskid decides to (horribly) disguise himself and head to the Temple of St. Cuthbert (so that his former employees don't recognize him). Jenya sees through “Boskid”'s disguise pretty easily, and then informs them that the spell indicated that the cage is a powerful focus for a ritual to establish a permanent portal between the Material Plane and Carceri . The spell indicates that this particular soul cage was forged by a fire giant named Dugobras and created by a cleric named Grehlia Cairnis with the aid of three individuals named Triel Eldurast, Skaven Umbermead, and Tarkilar. (Hilde remembers stabbing some or all of them because they were responsible for the attempt to steal the wands of water) It also reveals the soulcage has ties to something called the “Soul Pillars of Karran-Kural,” along with a short quote from an anonymous source: “An ancient hate stolen from the souls of the dead, the cage is but the key to a greater evil.”

The adventurers thank Jenya and Hilde decides to “put on a pretty dress” and heads to the country club (either looking to pick up some tail or gather some information). Elanor elects to accompany Hilde inside, while Loskid and Melgarin stay outside the club. Elanor notices the other Druid Drow who has been following Loskid (who was oblivious) that Hilde and Elanor remember as Shensen Tesseril, the Elf Druid who tended the shrine to Fharlanghn at the Lucky Monkey (from when they first pointed out that Loskid resembled a Drow). Shensen clearly has the hots for Loskid. Elanor attempts to tease Loskid by explaining that he has an existing relationship with Anthony. Shensen is surprised by this and starts to walk away when Elanor suddenly grows a conscience (for the first time?) and stops Shensen to explain that it was a joke and he does not have a relationship with Anthony (but Elanor stops short of explaining whether or not Loskid is gay). Shensen babbles for a bit, and Hilde's astute observation is that our intrepid group of adventurers is known for eliminating a bunch of “heavy-hitters” throughout cauldron, and she wants the adventurers help. Shensen then raises her hood and skulks off to the Drunken Morkoth Inn.

Inside the country club, Hilde and Elanor see three individuals, including one of the guys who was locked in the cells with the adventurers beneath J'zad Herun (Meerthan Eliothlorn). He explains that “Fario Ellegoth” has been taken prisoner by a group known as “the Cagewrights” and is being held in a Last Laugh safehouse (The Brass Trumpet on Ash Avenue on the 2nd floor) and that he is being tortured by at least 10 goons. Shensen says she respects Meerthan's wisdom and she's gonna stick with them (instead of helping our intrepid adventurers).

Our adventurers head over to the Brass Trumpet, where Elanor moves “sneakily” and successfully attempts to unlock the door. Once inside the door, Melgarin discovers a kill room with 6 archers (3 on either side) shooting arrows through slits in a wall. Elanor says “fuck this”, puts on her slippers of spiderclimb and goes up to the 2nd floor while Hilde summons a huge rock elemental. Hilde followed her, and after finding the dead body of Fario, grabbed Elanor's hand and teleported the two of them (and a dead body) to the temple of St. Cuthbert. All this while Melgarin and Loskid attacked the inept thugs in the entryway. After Melgarin slays the last thug, Loskid decides he's tired of relying on others, unsuccessfully searches a door for traps (though he thought he was successful), opens the door, and gets shot twice by crossbows pointed at said door.

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