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Session 28

The party sets off with directions from Crazy Jered to go to a passage into the underdark named the pit of 7 jaws. They soon find a pit with a well constructed scaffolding assembly descending downward. Having learned nothing about scouting the area before advancing after the last 27 sessions, the party forms an advancing order to continue with the systematic 'facecheck' methodology. Halfway down Melgarin, Elanor, and Loskid are caught in icy sprays as a hydra appears. Hilde realizes maybe she should have asked about the name of the pit which seems rather obvious at this point. Hilde throws a spell to resist the cold sprays and Melgarin, Elanor, and Loskid jump down to fight the Hydra while Lelenia pelts it with arrows. The Hydra attempts to freeze and bite at the party inflicting decent amounts of wounds but goes down. The party relaxes and then the Hydra regenerates and bites some more bringing Loskid to almost death. The party proceeds to deliver overkill amounts of damage to the Hydra killing it for good and someone pours a potion down Loskid's throat. Searching the area the party finds a very frozen and very dead drow who had tried to hide from the hydra in a corner. The party points out to Loskid how similar the drow looks compared to him to which he indicates he has no clue.

The party proceeds into the underdark and with some good navigation checks avoids any fights before reaching the Kuo-toa temple where the dwarf they were sent to rescue is supposedly held. They descent towards the temple and find it is in the middle of a lake of some sort. A boat piloted by a mysterious and cryptic Kuo-toa appears from the mist and the party is asked something along the lines if they are followers of a god or a cult or something. Loskid takes this opportunity to use Aquan and tells the Kuo-toa they are. The party goes aboard the boat and is transported to the temple. The boatsman continues to be mysterious and cryptic and gives the party advice to follow the eye before heading back in the myst. It quickly becomes apparent that whatever the boatsman was ok with the rest of the Kuo-toa are not and they proceed to attack. The party attacks back and aided by some fumbling by the Kuo-toa guards quickly dispatches the resistance. The party enters the temple and find some interesting murals, a cloth screen, some large doors, and a metal grate with a lever nearby. They decide to investigate the passage with the cloth screen and ambush a bunch of Kuo-toa in the toilet. The fight is brief and the party quickly realizes they are in a toilet and are uninterested in searching too closely, except for Loskid who decides to empty his kettle containing 7 month old bat guano and replace it with Kuo-toa waste since it glows. The party sweeps what was crossbow defensive positions and heads back to the main hall.

The party decides to enter through the main doors. Elanor searches for traps, finds a trap, and proceeds to have it blow up in her face. After healing her the party decides that stealth is probably not viable what with the loud force explosion but might as well give it a shot and tries to sneak into the main temple area. There they find a group of priests around a giant statue and catwalks up and down along the walls. Despite trying to sneak, the priests start throwing lighting at the party who in a moment of genius pick two opposite directions to proceed in. They run into Kuo-toa guards and the fight devolves into an unfocused melee.

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