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Session 27

The Party Fends Off a Red Dragon Without All dying. Go Team!

With the district around their house in ruins, the party considers their next move. Surveying the area, they find what might be a summoning circle. Asking around they find the house of the owner whose warehouses had been the primary target of demolition but are told the owner is out at the moment. At which point they are reminded at the end of last session a woman approached Melgarin to arrange a meeting for a job with instructions to dress nice. Hilde drops the whole investigation thing and goes out to buy a nice dress or 5 with Elanor and Lelenia tagging along. Melgarin decides he isn't taking off his new plate armor of +3 and Loskid goes off to do St Cuthbert stuff.

The meeting is at the country club where the elite of cauldron socialize. They let the party in for their meeting, though they are less impressed with Melgarin showing up in plate armor. Hilde, Elanor, and Lelenia drink and engage in small talk with various Cauldron elites the building library. Melgarin decides to stay outside in case of trouble.

At the business meeting the party is hired by a very old dwarf whose son had 10 years prior led an expedition to purge all evil from the underdark. Through clairvoyance he knows his son is still alive and hires the party to find him and bring him home. The party agrees to the proposition.

Unfortunately, the main known route into the underdark has been collapsed. However the party told there is a hermit to the north named Crazy Jered who knows another way in. While idea that a guy named Crazy Jered is key to the first part of the plan gives the party pause, this really isn't the worst approach given their last few adventures and they head off to the north. Some preparation is done, though the party wants to get to the action and Hilde is distracted by something called 'DTS' which she isn't sure what it is exactly but feels it must be a creation most vile.

After several uneventful days of traveling north, the party sees flames and smoke behind a hill. Cresting the hill they see a red dragon attacking a small house and the grizzled hermit who runs from it. The party thinks they've found Crazy Jered and prepares to intervene. Hilde determining that fire might be a problem casts a spell giving the party resistance to fire. Lelenia puts arrow after arrow into the dragon. Crazy Jered goes down and the party has several close calls, but Lelenia hurts the dragon to the point where it decides continued attacks aren't worth the effort and flies off. Elanor pours a potion down Crazy Jered's throat and Loskid does some healing bringing Crazy Jered back to the land of the not dying. Crazy Jered declares himself king of his realm and after casing an illusion over his 'kingdom', or as he indicates removing the veil of illusion (its an illusion, his kingdom is a shack in a field good for farming dirt and small pebbles). The party agrees to the feast, given King Jered is their only lead as to how to get into the underdark.

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