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Session 46: Third Test: Sudden Yet Inevitable Betrayal

The party rests, then continues on, and finds a room with a giant fountain of fire. A mummy appears and says

“Adimarchus, Most Potent Ruler of Occipitus, bids you welcome to the Final Test of the Smoking Eye. A worthy successor to the throne of Adimarchus must complete only one more task. To rule Occipitus - to grasp its power and use it for good or ill - means to sacrifice everything you hold dear. The final test is this: sacrifice an ally to the plasma, and Occipitus is yours!”

While the party debates whether to throw Loskid into the fire, Kaurophon spends a while buffing himself, then tries to pass the test using the party. This eventually goes poorly for him.

With Kaurophon dead, the party continues to wonder, “what next?” This is addressed when Melgarin chucks Loskid into the fire. Loskid dies immediately, but is reformed and healed by powers interested in seeing the Smokeing Eye returned to the side of good. Loskid and Melgarin each gain the sign of the smoking eye.

Loskid finds he is able to teleport and plane shift from the eye chamber. The party returns to cauldron rather than pursuing any smoking-eye stuff further.

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