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Sustainable Monsters

The party considers resting to recover, while Elanor scouts ahead. She does so and discovers the hags are in with the rapidly-reanimating ettins, and returns to report this. The party briefly discusses what to do, then a zombie ettin knocks down the door. The party flees.

After retreating a good distance and resting the party teleports back to Cauldron, recovers, and returns to the balcony. Elanor uses a wand to seize control of several giant and ettin skeletons and a zombie, and the party crushes others along the way.

Continuing onward, they catch the hags off-guard, then briefly retreat to plan. On returning to the hagroom, the party discovers that the hags are now a) weirdly committed to the celestial bit, and b) invisible. Hilde solves this with tentacles, and the remainder of the fight is the hags slowly dying, breaking free in turn, then quickly dying.

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