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Fe Fi Fo Fum Giants Are Big

The party continues on down the train, discovers an underground pipe network, follows he map through the pipes, and arrives at a giant gate. While Elanor sneaks through a hole at the top and finds the watchgiant, Hilde summons a badger to make an additional entrance under the door. The party crawls in, murderizes the watchgiant and friends, then takes a nap. After their nap, they murder some ettins and talk with a giant named Dugobras, who is busy smithing. Dugobras has a random cage in his workshop, which matches the materials the party found while looking for the wands of control water.

While they talk to him, three hags appear and cosplay as celestials. Half the party is taken in by this cunning ruse; half is not. Melgarin is convinced to drink a big chalice of potion and poison, and the hags leave.

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