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Session 3: Rats

The party rested for a time, then continued exploring. down one of the branches of the tunnel they had followed, they found a large hall. Exploring the hall, they were attacked by two skulks. The party quickly killed one; but the other escaped until they caught up to it a few rooms later. In that same room, Ielenia spotted a secret door. Going through the door into the hallway beyond, the part discovered an additional pit trap. This one did not trigger when they walked on it though.

Backtracking and choosing a different path, the party came to a room with a caged rat sitting on top of a chest. Loskid shot the chest, and it was revealed to be a mimic, which attacked them. Despite several close calls, all party members survived, the rat was freed, and Melgarin discovered a glowing sword inside the mimic.

The party determined that the rat was most likely Ghelve's familiar, and returned to his shop to rest. There, it indicated a drawer, which contained a crude map of Jzadirune.

The party gained 410 experience this session.

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