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Session 2: The Locksmith

After a good night's sleep, the party headed to the orphanage, and interrogated the proprietress. She revealed that four children had been taken. After various investigations, the party found out that most of Cauldron's locks were made by the same locksmith, Keygan Ghelve.

The party visited Ghelve's shop, and distracted him while Elanor snuck into the back room. She failed to spot the Skulk lurking on the landing above, which attacked her. The party rushed in, and the Skulk was quickly dispatched. Ghelve was then threatened into revealing that there was a passage hidden in his shop to the abandoned underground gnomish city of Jzadirune. Several weeks earlier, a group of creatures had come up through that passage, kidnapped his familiar, and forced him to make a set of skeleton keys able to open most locks in Cauldron. There were two kinds of creatures, big ones and small ones.

Loskid attempted to intimidate Ghelve into creating another set of skeleton keys, but this was foiled when Ghelve escaped out the front door, locking it behind him. With no other routes, the arty descended into Jzadirune.

They entered Jzadirune in a large room with it's walls ringed with masks. After examining the masks, one spoke a brief stanza welcoming them to the city.

  Welcome to Jzadirune - behold the wonder! 
  But beware, ye who seek to plunder. 
  Traps abound and guardians peer  
  Beyond every portal, behind every gear.

Exploring further, they noted many gear-shaped doors, each with a letter of the gnomish alphabet on it.

After triggering an overly-elaborate pit trap, the party retreated closer to the entrance to try to find a place to rest. While looking, they disturbed several skulks, killing most of them. Eventually they did find a securable place, and bedded down for the night.

The party gained 600 experience each for this session and the first session combined.

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