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Melfina Makes a Friend

Session Date: 12-16-2022

Players: Josh, Mary, Chris & Logan

Background: Lady Welker mentioned in an earlier episode that she would like to meet with Melfina. So the crew goes to meet her.

The Score: She talks with Melfina about the demon Jalgamath. They drink demon blood and Melfina talks with Jalgamath. It wants Lady Welker to stop all communication with it and hints at her death would be preferred. Melfina agrees and chaos ensues.

Melfina almost kills Lady Welker but she survives. We find out that Lady Welker is talking to another demon leviathan named (??????). We sense she was pitting them against each other. There is now bad blood between Lady Welker and Melfina because, well you know, Melfina tried to kill her. If it were not for Needle saving her at the last minute, the relationship with Lady Welker and the Building Inspectors would cease to exist.

Needle made a deal with the other leviathan demon to learn a ritual to have two hearts.

Post: Melfina has the plant and all associated ways to communicate with Jalgamath.

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