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Patrick isn't a Starfish

Session Date: 12-09-2022

Players: Josh, Mary, Maggie, Chris & Logan

Background: Needle and Velma prepare to go into the meeting with Patrick (leader of the Unseen) while everyone else is “around” to back them up.

The Score: Murash vents a gas into the casino which seems to effect everyone except Patrick. Artemis and Melfina fight the Plant Demon after Needle's heart. Turns out Patrick made a deal with this demon and won so they have some sort of agreement. They struggle and Melfina ends up taking a trauma to save Artemis using Ghost Veil. Needle and Patrick have and back and forth talk about the Building Inspectors joining the Unseen. When Needle turns him down, they fight. Patrick is on in Needles face in a matter of seconds and has him by the neck. Needle takes a trauma to get out of there with Velma using Ghost Veil.

Post: Reflecting on what happen, they have learned more about Patrick and the Unseen. What will the Building Inspectors get up to next?

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