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Giants Do Exist!

Session Date: 01-13-2023

Players: Josh, Mary, Chris & Logan

Background: Head over to Scurlock to check in on him. Explosions are heard in the distance and the Building Inspectors decide to investigate.

The Score: They find Warden Holtz at the scene where he informs them that a gambling den run by the unseen was hit. It was made to look like the hit was done by the Building Inspectors. The Building Inspectors investigate the scene and find that the damage was done by weapons and not by special abilities. Believe this is the work of the Hive. The Building Inspectors report what they found to Warden Holtz and head back to Scurlock.

Scurlock sends the Building Inspectors to fine an Alter that is underground near the prison. The ask the locals to get an idea of what they will be facing (A Giant Ghost Hand). After some avoidance, they are faced with what ends up being a Giant that died and the ghost was protecting the alter. The learn that Scurlock is a hero known as Mage Scurlock. After explaining what is going on, the Giant (by the name of Jeroth) sad to hear that there is no more sun indicating their side lost. He decides that his time is over and fades out of existence allowing the Building Inspectors to take the alter back to Scurlock.

Post: Scurlock says he is forming a plan that involves using the Alter. He asks for your help with this plan in the future but won't divulge any details of the plan at this time.

Also because the Building Inspectors ignored the explosions, a paper comes out calling out the war between the BI and the Unseen and how it is effecting the local towns people. Bringing the war to the public eye.

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