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Playing a Game of Clue

Session Date: 01-20-2023

Players: Josh, Mary, Chris & Logan

Background: Needle performs a ritual that gives him a second heart. The second heart is located in the center of his chest. The Building Inspectors decide to accept the invitation from The Circle of the Flame run by “The Seven” and visit the Centuralia Club.

The Score: The Building Inspectors show up and Melfina is decked out for the occasion (see picture below). There are multiple people that have shown up interested in becoming members of this exclusive club. They include:

  • Noggs Voland and the Powder Hill Gang (in this case 2 of his LTs)
  • Cynthia Prichard
  • Karin Bernard
  • Building Inspectors

While mingling, the sound of the death-seeker crows sound and Karin has been murdered.

One of the Seven (Lady Drake - magistrate) approaches the Building Inspectors. She is drawn to Needle who's eyes are now glowing but were not glowing before the murder. His eyes are glowing because he performed a Ritual to see when someone is lying. Needle is able to convince Lady Drake that the Building Inspectors are not responsible and they (the Building Inspectors) are asked to find who is responsible. Using Needles Eyes, The Building Inspectors go around questioning everyone and narrow it down to Cynthia. They convince her to confess and turn her over to Lady Drake.


Post: As a result of solving the murder, the Building Inspectors are invited to join the Circle of the Flame.

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