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Return to the Tower in the Cavern (Part 2)

Session Date: 09-23-2022

Players: Josh, Mary, Chris, Maggie & Logan

Background: With the tower reset, the Building inspectors exit the tower to find themselves in the sky with a factory in the distance that appears to be building towers in a sort of assembly line. There is no sign of the city. (From Previous Session)

The Score: Looking out, the Building Inspectors look out and find the following layout:

They head to the Crystal Forest and found a cat like creature with a changing face referred to as Many Faced Hunters. They quickly dispatch the cat and notice a statue that has faint energy lines to other parts of the assembly line. The lines seem to be feeding the disturbance. The disturbance is preventing the Building Inspectors from getting back home/moving the tower. The statue is destroyed and the lines connecting to the statue is removed.

They head over to the Quarry and an illusion of sorts has presented itself to the Building Inspectors. Most are able to resist and keep the others safe. They make their way to the next statue and destroy it as well.

The Building inspectors head to the area called oversight which turns out to be a pyramid of sorts. They head to the top and destroy the last statue. As the last statue falls, the hear a grow of two more Many Faced Hunters coming up behind them. These two creatures are also dispatched with little effort.

In the distance, Artemis notices a creature in the distance with tusks and something else that I can't remember because I was writing this thing up and not 100% paying attention. Anyways, something was coming that was very big and strong and the Building Inspectors wanted to get the Fuck out of dodge.

Post: With the disturbance removed, the Building Inspectors are able to move the tower back to the City and close to our hideout near 6 towers.

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