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Return to the Tower in the Cavern

Session Date: 09-16-2022

Players: Josh, Mary, Chris, Maggie & Logan

Background: The Building Inspectors return to the Tower in the Cavern. They were last here when they were investigating the ghost lines that connected the Hoard to something. As they explored, they learned of the existence of the Founders and that they were somehow connected to these towers. After joining the Founders, they are returning to see if anything has changed and learn more about this mysterious place.

Melfina goes back to Founders HQ to learn more about these Towers before they go exploring. She finds out the Towers are a living creature and that the Foundation is interested in repairing them. If enough towers are repaired, the building inspectors are told it will bring the city back into the light.

On the way out, the Custodian hands Melfina a rag and a small amount of polish.

The Score: The Building Inspectors head to the tower and find a fight has broken out between the Hoard and The Gondoliers. The Hoard notices the Building Inspectors and makes it way towards them. Needle flashes his proof to prove the Building Inspectors are with the foundation causing the hoard to pull back.

The Building Inspectors remove the Gondoliers and proceed to the tower. After working with the AI to get information about the tower, the Building Inspectors decide to reset the tower. With the tower reset, the Building inspectors exit the tower to find themselves in the sky with a factory in the distance that appears to be building towers. There is no sign of the city.

Post: N/A (Session not finished)

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