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Milos Jayan (Part 2)

Session Date: 09-09-2022

Players: Josh, Mary, Chris, Maggie & Logan

Background: Review previous session as this is a continuation of the last session.

The Score: Picking up where we left off, Needle and Artemis are escorted with Milos Jayan to his lab. As they are leaving, the Custodian appears and puts a note in Needle and Artemis' hand and a stone object in their pocket. The Custodian also appears to the other 3 active Building Inspectors all having a similar experience. The note says the energy device displayed in the last session will cause the end of the world and the device and lab that created it must be destroyed. The item in your pocket can be used to help you with this objective but there is some assembly required.

Murash and Melfina are able to make their way to Needle and Artemis thanks to Velma distracting the guards.

Velma end up in a bad place as she is able to take out her escort home, but the vehicle she is in crashes and she is in a lake. Before doing so, Velma has given her stone to Murash.

As Murash, Melfina Needle and Artemis are now all together, everyone gives Murash their stone. With all 5 stones Murash puts all 5 pieces together. As the final piece is added, it is not set perfectly so it slowly slides into place allowing time to escape. Needle is able to convince Milos that something is wrong with the experiment due to sabotage. Everyone attempts to escape with Murash dragging out Daphnia and Artemis grabs Milos and every starts to escape.

Post: Dropping Milos off safely, the Building Inspectors head back to the hideout convincing the Sparkwrights the experiment was sabotaged as well as fulfilling the request of the Custodian.

Also get leads on the other two Sparkwrights (Julie Birch, Nikolai Ferros) from Milos' journal. We do learn that Milos does not have Barrington's notes. So further look into Julie Birch & Nikolai Ferros to see if they have the notes.

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