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Milos Jayan

Session Date: 09-02-2022

Players: Josh, Mary, Maggie & Logan

Background: The Building Inspectors plan to infiltrate a gala to investigate a tentative lead on Milos Jayan.

From a previous session, the lab of Philip Barrington was searched. Notes/logs and a new/old photo of a younger Philip with three others (Julie Birch, Nikolai Ferros and Milos Jayan) was found. All are Sparkwrights.

Sparkwright - Do science and stuff with ghosts.

The Score: The Building Inspectors attend the gala and wait for the Keynote speech given by Milos Jayan. He unveils a new technology barrier that doesn't use Leviathan blood. Needle meets him backstage and piques Milos's interest. As this is happening, Melfina picks his pocket and gets a journal. Velma creates a distraction to get the attention of some of the guards. Needle, Artemis, Milos and a the remaining guards head up to a different floor to have a more private conversation.

Milos is made aware of who Needle and the Building Inspectors are. Milos invites Needle and Artemis to join him in this endeavor. They get into an armored vehicle and drive off.

Post: Able to get liquid from the plant Melfina procured from a previous score. Melfina to follow up on what she is able to do with this liquid. Journal was partly in code. The part that wasn't in code was Milos's schedule.

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