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Philosophers' Chapterhouse

The Chapterhouses of the Saffron Mouths of Harmonious Discourse vary in size tremendously. Nonetheless, they do have certain characteristics in common. For one, they all have extensive archives, as well as a direct link to the Evermind. They all have a provider system of some sort in place. Depending how powerful the underlying demesne is, they have various sorts of displays, usually visual and auditory. Finally, they all crackle with the power of lighening, and contain a one or two dot Air hearthstone. A represenative example is given below, from next to the Firmament of the South-East.


These high and airy caves are located on the side of a mountain, just at the point where the snow lies. Within a huge archive is constantly catagorized, catalogued, studied and reorganized, over and over again.

  • 12 4 Dot Air Manse
  • 2 Archive
  • 2 Evermind Node
  • 3 Provider
  • 2 Glorious Halo of Heshiah
  • 1 Mela's Whisper
  • Twice Striking Lightening Stone