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Wealand Jelerak


Wealand Jelerak (né Symbaern) is old, even for an elf. He was born in DR684. He was the youngest member of House Symbaern to escape from Myth Drannor, though was a child of 30 at the time. He grew up resenting his house's decision to abandon the city, and spent his first four centuries studying the underpinnings of magic to gain a deeper understanding of the mythal which had protected it. Frustrated, he eventually fell to more practical applications of magic, and made numerous expeditions to the mainland. His association with the more pragmatic races of the mainland slowly moved him from frustration with the loss of his home city to outright contempt of the gaudy fatalism of the elves of Evermeet. During this time though, he formed a lasting friendship with the much younger Utani Durothil. Though they disagreed for centuries on the worth of traditional elven values, the young scribe and the old beguiler maintained a close camaraderie. 

Eventually, Wealand was able to acquire a thought bottle and some years later, to have himself reincarnated. This complete rejection of elven fatalism caused a rift with Utani, though the two reconciled a few short years later. Though scandalous, Wealand's exile was unrelated: his Ur-Priesty to which he was introduced by the mysterious arcanist Jelerak, was the final impetus for a complete break from the elven pantheon, and his subsequent vocal atheism led swiftly to exile. 


item cost
thought bottle20000
mithral buckler1005
ring of sustenance2500
masterwork longbow0
masterwork thieves tools100
everburning torch (from Utani)50
headband of intellect +2 (from Utani)2000

total 26685