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Session 78:

This week finds our adventurers lucky to be alive, and they drink some potions prior to looting the one “cleric” they killed the week before. Unfortunately they find nothing to indicate that this is Freija, the person tasked with safeguarding the failsafe capable of stopping the tree of shackled souls. They proceed to the secret room, south of where they killed Freija. They open a door to the southeast, and find a room with a vein of lava running through it. Elanor and Loskid disbelieve in the illusory floor and find themselves in a lava tube. Since they all still have fire resistance, Hilde and Melgarin follow, and they climb out of the “trap” as a team.

Elanor starts scouting ahead sneakily, while Loskid follows right on her heels (very unsneakily), and is discovered by 4 flamewarders, which all shoot him with 3 arrows each (1 of which hits him). The team slaughters the 4 flamewarders pretty uneventfully. They continue exploring and follow a tunnel to a door with 12 flamewarders behind it. Loskid decides to become a pincushion and takes 8 arrows out of a volley of 18, while Elanor takes 1 arrow out of 18. Then a really big guy with a really big sword comes into the hallway and runs between the two columns of flamewarders.

Hilde summons in an earth elemental monolith, using it to absorb many of the arrows being shot at the group. The big guy takes 3 swings at Melgarin, and for the second time in this dungeon, Melgarin dies. Elanor flees the big guy into a room that turns out to be a martial training facility with practice dummies and weapons. Loskid runs for Alakast and gets hit by the big guy before running away. The Elemental Monolith schwacks the big guy and then starts taking swings at the flamewarders basically acting like Hulk and smashing them one at a time (killing 2) before the remaining 9 become demoralized and run away (one gets smashed by the Monolith as it flees).

Elanor runs to Melgarin, weeps shortly, and then proceeds to loot his body, foreseeing that he will planeshift to Occipitus shortly. Fortuitously, Hilde remembers the scrolls she looted off of the cleric and finds a scroll of “raise dead” and resurrects Melgarin.

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