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Session 59: Hilde investigates House Riavadhi and St. Cuthbert blesses our heroes

Concluding the conversation with Meerthan, the team of adventurers decides to investigate House Riavadhi. Loskid decides to attempt to disguise himself (again), while the team observes this with awe at just how bad a mop on Loskid's head fails to disguise him. This results in the team deciding to further discuss Fario's experience with him in the hopes of gaining some insight as to the next step in their adventures. Fario described his kidnapping in painful detail, up until he was held in the Brass Trumpet (a defunct bar). The only real question that they (the Last Laugh, aka the Thief's guild) asked him was why was he watching over House Riavadhi. Fario also seemed to be absurdly fixated on the fact that House Riavadhi had 4 towers, one of which had an observatory. That, and a “comely half-elf” showed up at House Riavadhi last night that Fario seemed to have the hots for (cause she was dressed in skin-tight black leather).

The team elects to take a leisurely stroll by House Riavadhi to tempt fate, and see what happens. As Hilde walked by, she noticed the house was absolutely glowing with magic. She then opens a dimensional door into the observatory to investigate. After seeing a construct (and deciding she's lonely), she teleports back out and describes everything she saw inside.

The team decides it would be a good idea to get a good night's rest prior to further investigation. They further decide that it would be an even better idea to not sleep at their house, so they pitch up the interdimensional clubhouse. Upon waking, the entire party finds that either they are well rested or St. Cuthbert has bestowed upon all of them a gift of knowledge, allowing them to each learn higher spells and feats than they had been able to the night before.

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