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Session 11: Bathhouse 2: Fantasy Bugaloo

The game begins with Loskid shopping, Thognak concluding his errands, and the rest of the party arrested. Loskid makes his way back to the party, and asks to be arrested as well. He is successful.

Shortly afterwards a guard lieutenant brings Orak in. Orak demands the return of his eye-patch and decanter, which the party produce and give to him. Loskid explains that they didn't rob Orak, they went into his shop, stabbed him, then looted.

The lieutenant is unimpressed.

Eventually the barbarian shows up and talks them into a brief parole to investigate the bathhouse. They are released to the custody of Guardsman Billy.

Billy and the party return to the bathhouse, where Orak refuses to admit them. They are again attacked by wererats, who bite several of the party, and again are able to escape. Bully again knocks on the bathhouse door, eventually loses patience with Orak, and attacks him. The party gleefully help.

Investigation down the stairs at the back of the bathhouse reveals tunnels caked with filth and goblin graffiti.

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