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The NPCs of Cauldron

Ruphus Laro - An acolyte from the Church of St Cuthbert
Jenya Urikas - In charge of the Church of St Cuthbert
Captain Terseon Skellerang - In charge of the town guard
Tyson - Writer for the Cauldron Stew newspaper
Triel Elderest - Ex-town guard that left under interesting circumstances
Shensen Tesseril - Elf Druid who tended the shrine to Fharlanghn at the Lucky Monkey
Artus Shemwick - a cook over at the Tipped Tankered
Lady Thifirane Rhiavadi - Runs House Rhiavadi where suspicious things are happening with evil people. Believe there are vampires involved. The house has 4 towers and one has an observatory that is believed to be suspicious (It isn't).
Lord Something Vhalantru - Runs House Vhalantru and has been keeping the city in order in the Mayor's absence.

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