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Marathon 4: Attack of the Marathon

Long weekend; better do another marathon. Once again, we have a theme and that theme is “Aliens.”

Various films have explored what it is to be “other” and we will watch some of the more entertaining examples. There will be no Spielberg.

As ever, we have a schedule that we'll pretend to follow. This time, we split the difference of the last two, and are planning to wrap up right at midnight.

Start Title Runtime
11:00 Howard the Duck 111
12:50 Riverworld 175
3:50 Schlock Grab-bag ?120?
5:50 Lost in Space 130
8:00 Alien 116
10:00 Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy 98
11:45 Total 750

Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck is made from a Marvel comic famous for its nuanced take on nihilism and its inspired satire. This film's director publicly wondered why people hated the film so much, as it was just a silly movie about a talking duck.

This was actually Marvel's first major theatrical release, so it's no surprise that they waited a decade before dipping toes back into that pool.


About a decade ago, SyFy made a pilot for a series based on Phillip Jose Farmer's Riverworld series. It wasn't very successful, but was released to DVD. This is the remake from a few years later. Fun Fact: in the original novels, the protagonist is Richard Burton. The antagonist is Nazi slavers, led by Hermann Göring. I have no idea why they changed that.

Grab Bag!

In this time slot, I will rummage through the bin, and pull a 'classic' film from the bottom.

Lost in Space

Spiders. In space. Also time travel, spaceships, a robot, annoying child actors, etc. This hits all the sci-fi tropes, including Gary Oldmann as the villain.


It's right in the title!

Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy

Slightly less pornographic than Flesh Gordon. Jane Fonda stars as a space cop who gets her mark. By sexing everything in sight.