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Gnomish Worldships

The Worldships of the Gnomes are thought to date back to the time prior to the Time of Struggles. Non-gnomes are almost universally not allowed on these ships, and their exact number is unknown, though it is generally estimated to be between 6 and 15, each holding anywhere from 15 thousand to upwards of 80 thousand gnomes each. Where they are at any given time is anyone’s guess, but most people assume they are capable to traveling the storms in the central Sea. The elves have been actively testing this, at great expense and loss of life. The Gnomish fleet contains numerous smaller trading vessels which make port runs. Its only rarely that a Worldship ever gets close enough to be seen from shore or by close run fishing vessels, so not much is known about even their general structure. From scattered reports, the general guesses about fleet size have been pieced together, and at least one ship name is known, the Intrepid Wind.