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Potion Characteristics

Green tends to be healing/curing/restoration

Each augmentation has a color.

  • Strength red
  • Dexterity is orange
  • Constitution
  • Intelligence
  • Wisdom
  • Charisma is pink

Sloshy-swirly potions are oils. Don't drink them. Currently the only oil you have identified is a silvery color.

Potion ColorFlavorSpell
Light Ruby Saffron Lesser Restoration
Light Ruby Not Saffron Bear's Strength
Light Green Almonds Cure Light Wounds
Pale Orange ?? ??
Burnt Orange ?? ??
Pink Red Wine Eagle's Splendor
Golden Swirl ?? ??
Blue ?? ??
Bright Emerald Apple cider Bear's Endurance
Milky White + Red Swirl ?? ??
Deep Orange Peanuts Endure Elements
Pale Grey ?? Misdirection
Clear ?? Invisibility
White ?? Protection from Good
Oil Color. Spell
Sparkly Black Unholy Water
Deep Silver Levitate
Charcoal Grey ??
Black Darkness