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The current calander and age was set down 1512 years ago with the event known as the Ascension. A great gold dragon named Sornaloramian brokered an end to the continual wars between the races, ending the Time of Struggles. To maintain the peace, he revealed the existence of a secluded island, thought to be in the center of the Sea of Baas, accessible by magical gates located in each of the capitals. Each race was able to send a representative to meet with Sornaloramian, who exerted peaceful authority from his secluded throne. His reasons are unknown to anyone but himself, but his presence has served to prevent large scale warfare between the various races.

Prior to the Ascension, the elves, dwarves, and humans have recorded history, but it is neither complete nor well known. The humans have only sparse writings, none dating back any more than approximately 400 or so years pre Ascension, only a few hinting at a time of peace. The dwarves have some codified religious texts, much of which blurs the line between myth and fact. The Imperial Library of Del’cortath has records almost 3000 years old, hinting at a great set of civilizations existing prior to the ones Gynamede currently knows. The theoretical fall of this civilization, and the period for approximately 350 years after, is recorded as the Dark Fall. The elves theorize that Sornaloramian’s gates date back from this prior civilization. However, why and how they fell is a mystery to all.


1512: Current Year

1389-1500: The Call of the Sea is initiated by the Imperium, elven naval presence expands by an order of magnitude. Gnomish piracy follows suit.

1300-1329: The human kingdoms participate in the Cleansing of Westoria. Official records indicate a powerful Necromantic Presence corrupted the royal family after consuming several towns in the area. Dark things are rumored to have come from the ground and the dead are said to have risen. Several sightings of strange elves fighting in assistance to the Undead have lead many humans to become rather xenophobic. The Principality of Ur openly declares the Emperor to be spawned by demons, though most other human kingdoms maintain a more politically neutral position.

1233: The Spire is built in the State of Ominan as a center for magical research. Travel to and from the Spire is guaranteed for anyone wishing to study and learn by the Republic. Hundreds of mages flock to the area, leading to the rapid growth of the nearby city of Messan. Trade and tourist income boom for Ominan.

1162: A slave known as Polemksia kills his master and launches a slave revolt in the Elven province of Remon. The Imperial military ruthlessly puts down the revolt, capturing Polemksia, and paraded him around caged through the Imperial provinces before harshly, and publically executing him.

998-1056: Duergar uprising finally crushed, cementing the renown of the Dwarven Mercenary Troops Iron Wolves, Avatars of Wrath, and Dunaketh’s Death Cult.

903: Following the half-elves attempts to expand, the northern human kingdoms launch a colonization effort into the north western islands. Unfortunately, these were populated by tribes of wild halflings, leading to a brutal, long war in the jungle. The Halflings managed to halt all hopes of open colonization, leaving only some scattered outposts.

841: Half elves begin experimenting with colonization of the western islands. Progress is slow due to large monstrous populations.

792: Inroads are finally made with the Shamic dwarves of the great desert. Trade routes begin to form between various tribes and the Free City. Desert artifacts, spices, fruits, and fashion become a curiosity for the next decade.

624: The Brotherhood of Peace is founded at the behest of King Mordain IX. They quickly spread across human lands, and within a few decades, the rest of the world. Declaring all gods to be considered equals, the Brotherhood heals without distinction or discrimination. They maintain strictly neutral, and are greatly prized as moderators by royalty. Divine scholars note that although they worship no direct God, Brothers are still able to cast divine magic, further weakening the old traditions of single god supremacy.

622: The Scism is ended by the Mordainian Peace Accords. King Mordain IX brokers the deal, declaring freedom of religion for any church willing to keep the King’s peace and obey civil law. Generally seen as the end of the Age of Theocracy, churches without number flock to Mordainia.

535: The Deeprun clan embarks on a slaughter rite. After a century of declaring their allegiance to a mysterious being, known as Kel’drak, they decided a holy crusade against the nearby elven empire was required. The crusade is bloody, and ends only with the assistance of Sornaloramian.

410: Most human kingdoms declare allegiance to a single deity. The Imperium backs widespread worship of Corellian. The Republic declares organized religion a form of enslavement and illegal. Numerous underground cults spring up in Half-elf lands. This is generally considered the beginning of the Age of Theocracy.

402: The Scism of the Scarlet Dagger escalates into open warfare between opposing factions in the human province of Ellam.

356: The Roundhammer clan marches on the Free city of Illian. Their attack never makes it, a previously unknown race of desert dwelling dwarves decimates the Roundhammer dwarves.

332-355: The Shattered Hand tribe of Orcs become more active along the southern Conclave lands. The southern dwarf clans begin a cleansing.

238-245: Golian plague spreads across city, and through trade ships to the Human kingdoms and the Conclave lands. Death toll reaches almost 1,000,000. Land is scorched and abandoned by the Gnomes. The Imperium recolonizes this territory 50 years later, finding rich mineral resources.

237: Golian returned after to the local populous. Trade resumes. Sickness found to be greatly prevalent in the poor districts. Human kingdoms offer immediate medical assistance.

234: The Imperium annexes the gnome city of Golian, declaring it resides on ancestral ground. Gnomish ship trade immediately ceases.

169: Scism of the Scarlet Dagger begins. Clerics of the church of Wee Jas separate from the orthodox view of their God’s will. Tension quickly escalates.

101: Multiple border wars between the Republic and nearby human kingdoms.

58: Contact is re-established with Illian after over 300 years of isolation. The inhabitants decline to participate in the Conclave, declaring themselves a free city.

5: The Republic is founded by the Half-elves on the island of Menallia, and recognized by Sornaloramian.

0-3: Ascension, and end of the Border Wars.