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Good Session 6

The group revives poor Rodo and returns to the site of his untimely death. The worgs that had taken residence in crater had all been killed or fled. After repelling down into the hole in the center of the crater, the group discovered an alter, similar to the one they had been carrying around, however, this one is far grander and more complex. A hideous creature lurked in the cave, and swarmed out to consume the party. A quick battle later, the creature was slain, and group investigated the new alter. Tek manipulated it, but was unable to cause it to turn off. He even attempted to dive through the vortex, and was quickly retrieved by Rothgar.

Their mission for the sage completed, the party left Brünest in the company of a merchant caravan heading south for Tekarr. Days pass as the caravan travels west through Branchpoint and then south along the highway. Part way down, the caravan is ambushed by goblins. Many are quickly slain by the party, though their numbers are greater and the caravan longer than the party can easily protect. Multiple wagons are taken, including the caravan master. Sir Tim, Tek, and Gallia investigated, and discovered the goblin encampment. Tek sneaked in and murdered their leader in his sleep, unfortunately, not being an assassin, he alerted the camp in the process. A quick delaying action and the group returned safely.

Rodo convinced the caravan that he was now the boss, and the entire group continued south.

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