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Evil Session One

A Lovely Nap Spoilt

Rothgar woke up from a nice nap to find his dear friend Div with him. It should have been a happy time, but Rothgar was quite put out. Div was being very rude! To make matters worse, it seemed that all of Rothgar's other friends were gone. He was sad indeed.

But then Rothgar made a new friend. Her name was Korcellia and she was very nice. She made Div stop being so rude, and introduced him to all of her friends. Div was mean to them too, but they didn't mind. They even gave Rothgar a swell new nickname: Nega-Rothgar!

A Walk In the Woods

Nega-Rothgar and his new pals all decided to go play in the woods. Korcellia made them play with Div too. They found two girls who were very pretty, and two snakes with people faces. After all that excitement, Nega-Rothgar was very sleepy. Say goodnight, Nega-Rothgar!