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The Darkiron Clan

Darkiron bears the burden!

For countless generations, through unnumbered centuries, Clan Darkiron has worked diligently to preserve the autonomy of all beings burdened with sentience. Their cavalier attitude towards the rights of those who do not meet their exacting standards for sentience has led to certain embarrassments in the past, and Darkiron today enjoys a somewhat unsavory reputation.


Ultimately, Darkiron seeks to guide the world towards a new golden age of virtue and true equality. By whatever means neccesary, societies must be molded, tempured and honed until the entire world has reached the pinacle of autonomy.

However, such change cannot come from anyone. The collective action of the masses is an house designed by two architects, and an unenlightened individual carves transient caverns from sandstone. Lasting change comes only from the efforts of exceptional individuals. Without an enlightened self-awareness and a true knowledge of the cost of one's actions, a Dwarf is as an ant: possibly effective in the immediate sense, but ultimately an insignificant insect without discernment, direction, or drive. Such a person may be well intentioned, but ultimately will be unable to effect lasting change.

Conversely, a dwarf sometimes rises above this state. He has the clarity of vision to discern the costs of his actions and the insight to understand . His direction is set by his own well founded convictions, and is not swayed by others. He is driven to follow his own path to the end, no matter the cost to himself or others. Such a dwarf is hailed as a Paragon by Darkiron, and only after this enlightenment are they regarded as truely sentient and self-aware. Much of the clan's resources are are devoted to ensuring that he is freed of all ties which might prevent him from working diligently to achieve his own particular vision. Each sees a path to a perfect world, but only a Paragon with the correct vision will succeed. So far, no vision has been correct.

By nurturing and protecting these enlightened beings, Darkiron strives to advance their vision. Indeed, Clan members may not take a family name unless they are able to achieve this recognition. Their early education in philosophy and training in trade grants most the necessary discernment, and cultural factors encourage drive, but finding a direction must come from within. Nonetheless, fully an eighth become Paragons, and the training of the rest of the clan (known as the Nameless pending adoption into one of Darkiron's families.) grants them a privleged status in the eyes of Darkiron's Paragons.

Although Darkiron's advanced training guarantees that most Paragons will be Dwarven, they make no distinction when one arises from a different race.

The Burden

Realizing that Paragons shape the world, Darkiron Clan assumes a threefold burden:

  1. Remove obstacles to Paragons pursuit of their own destiny
  2. Nurture the growth of everyone into Paragons
  3. Remove those Paragons who fall to evil

Although each Paragon's vision must rise or fail on its own merits, and on the Paragon's ability to propogate it, it is an abomination for the unenlightened to claim dominion over a Paragon. So, while there is no obligation to directly aid a Paragon, any Darkiron is expected to refuse submission to any institutionalized authority. Nothing requires open defiance, but Darkiron Dwarves individually submit to worthy individuals, never to institutions.

Recognizing that anyone could independently become a Paragon at any time, Darkiron assumes the role of shepherds for the masses. Each crime committed is committed against a potential Paragon. As such, Darkiron can be a strong force for order. However, as most beings in the world have not yet achieved that degree of self awareness, there is no moral obligation to them as there is to Paragons.

Finally, although Paragons can be powerful forces for good, they are primarily forces for change. When it becomes obvious that a Paragon has become a force for evil, it is Darkiron's solemn responsibility to prevent that evil. This is not lightly done, as it is extremely rare that a Paragon can be swayed from his chosen path. In almost all cases, stopping a Paragon means killing him. This is always an act of murder, for which the perpetrator must bear the costs.

Notable Figures

Remus Orus Darkiron & Rolo Precis Darkiron

Seventeen generations ago, Remus became an advisor to the human king Thaddues Pendraq. Remus's supreme diplomatic talent combined with Thaddues gift for martial strategy to spread the borders at an unprecedented rate. At Remus's advice, Thaddeus implemented a progressive taxation strategy, increased educational opportunities and increased the average citizen's quality of life immensely.

Fifteen years later, Remus was assasinated by Rolo, a nameless Dwarf of Clan Darkiron for the evil of institutionalizing a stultifying authority over so many, and hindering their exercise of free will. Without Remus's influence, an alliance of nearby nations assembled sufficient numbers to overwhelm Thaddeus's, and the kingdom fell into ruin.

On Rolo's return to Clan Darkiron, he was adopted by family Precis for his discernment, direction, and drive in recognizing the issue and taking steps to correct it. Immediately afterwards Precis' elders sorrowfully senanced him to death for the murder of Remus.

Both Remus and Rolo are remembered with honor as Paragons, though only Rolo is regarded as successful.

Sacha Arcus Darkiron

Tewnty-three generations ago, Sacha Arcus Darkiron led a ravening horde of the undead across three hundred miles of fertile cropland, levelling everything in his path. Some disagreement exists to his motives. The more moderate view holds that realizing that Paragons' ambitions were usually thwarted by the mundane, he determined to remove all such obstacles. A smaller group disagrees, suggesting instead that Sacha was attempting to force a large number of unenlightened along the path to Paragonhood. Either goal being laudible, the ethics of his attempt are still discussed today. Unfortunately, Sacha had convinced Bors Darkiron, a younger dwarf, to follow him. Bors became disgusted with Sacha's methods, betraying and killing him.

For his weakness of purpose, Bors was publicly censured, and for his crime of murder he was put to death. Sacha is honored as a Paragon, though an unsuccessful one.