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The South

The South is a terrifying place. Aside from the previous hazards, it is now full of roving packs of demons. Eremanthoi packs prey on weak settlements, hopping puppeteers destroy fortifications, and huge nests of giant wasps dot the landscape. The only small blessings are that so few demons have had time to come through compared to the vast area of the south, and that only a half dozen varieties have been seen Every remaining settlement is fortified and guarded, and warded as well. The large cities survive and prosper only via wards from celestial exalts.


Kirighast has easily had the rockiest recent history. After successfully containing the largest modern outbreak of the great contagion, they emerged militaristic, well trained, and sharply expansionist. They immediately attacked bothe the real and the nearby shadowlands. Amazingly, they briefly held their own against the Realm. Eventually the deathlords Mask of Winters & Eye and Seven Despairs recovered from their shock at this audacity and each sent their own expeditionary defenses to the southern border of the Bayou of Endless Regret, but we're largely crippled with infighting. Kirighast's regent council promptly declared one of their number the new Shogun, and sent demands that the Empire submit to their rule.

It is not clear how thoroughly the Realm would have responded to this demand. Their armies were at that time diverted to the North to address the rapidly elevating threat posed by the Bull of the North. This left Kirighast's now crack armies poised to seize most of the southwest, and they immediately began to sweep outward in all directions. They were slowed however by the sudden appearance of the demon hordes, but continued making steady progress.

The final check to Kirighast's expansion came with Lookshy's assault on Thorns. Mask of Winters was forced to recall resources from the Bayou. Without the infighting, Eye and Seven Despairs' forces provided a very serious threat to Kirighast, and have forced a rather bloody stalemate.


The city has flourished with the changes. Unbound demons in the south refuse to attack the city or its inhabitants, and have frequently been seen defending individual citizens abroad. No-one has been willing to mount an assault on the city proper, so the limits of this demonic alliance remain as mysterious as its roots.


This protection has allowed trade throughout the south. Leaving the protection of a heavily warded area might otherwise be suicidal, but with a citizen of chiaruscuro present, it is actually safer than ever before. Only those few bandits that can also afford to hire chiarascurians are able to continue raiding.

The Lap

The Lap is protected by the adamant order. The nearby Root of the Lap is even larger than most roots, and has more seeds than usual. The Crimson Fists maintain a minor chapterhouse here as well, providing a more than solid defense force. Within the city proper, a small force of rudra variants binds any demons which make it through into civil service. For a fee, they will ignore personal retinues.


Southhaven has prosperred and is literally an oasis of safety. Although its location remains secret, guides are available. While not universally accurate, Havenites who leave southhaven are regarded as wise scholars. They share knowledge freely, and generally refrain from taking sides in disputes. The reputation for neutrality, combined with superstitions about harming one has led to an informal taboo on unduly interfering with Havenites (not that it doesnt happen, it's juat relatively rare). This is further ensured by the Havenute habbit of retaining either ermanthoi or cataphractoi as bodyguards when travelling outside the oasis.

Adamant Order

Although not properly a location, the Order has had too much influence on small settlements to avoid mention. Although it only came to prominence several decades ago, their defensible Seeds and their martial training have allowed communities centered on them to survive even regular demon raids. Also noteworthy is the current center of the Adamant Order, the Firmament of the South.