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A small building, recently reclaimed from a terrible zombfire, with some simple stonework improvements located in the poorer section of Muddy Reefs. Inside it holds only two rooms, one emptied with a whole cut in the roof, used for training and prayer, the other has a few closely stacked bunks and keg storage, though most of the new Novices have their own homes still. During some short evening hours Emerald Hammer has not been doing Tai Chi, he has managed to convert a small number (5) of Muddy Reefs hangers on who are down on their luck to join the Adamant Order. This generally occurred after a night of drinking, and although most converts are generally confused to wake up in grey robes to learn they've joined a Monastic Order, the fact that someone was kind enough to hold their head over a privy the previous night and offer them breakfast the next morning is such a general change from the pace of the town, eh, hell why not?

Hammer has gotten them set on performing the civic improvements the zombies has been working on previously. He takes a break from his training each day at noon to preach in the common room (while the sun is directly over the ceiling whole). Much of the sermon revolves around fighting the darkness by standing together for the good of the community. They are not the best of sermons, but they get the job done.

Hammer has send a couple birds out to neighboring islands with a plea for more Brothers of his Order to come and take control of this new Seed. Dr. Ms. Murder has been kind enough to help him draft up a very simple tax policy to keep the Seed running, one that pulls a small piece of shipping business from the harbor until they have a month of surplus. Donations are encouraged and those that do are held up as pillars of the community. A more permanent financial structure can be built by the incoming Brothers that doesn't require mandatory donations.