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The Upright Instructors of Crimson Respite

The Crimson Teachers concern themselves with competition. They are also the most formal and rigid of the orders. While creativity in achieving objectives is valued and rewarded, insubordination or sloppiness earns offers of private tutelage in proper behavior.

The Teachers are brilliant tacticians and blindingly fast swordsmen. They prove the truth of their teachings upon the bodies of their foes. As their training approaches its epitome, they seem to tower over everyone but the mighty builders.


The Builders emphasize the study of strategy; they are as adept at gateway as they are at commanding a legion. For personal combat each masters a style with slashing swords which emphasizes speed. A focusing exercise specific to the tradition emphasizes thrown weapons as a model for projection of force, mastery of which is a sign of maturity within the order.

They do not further develop the novice martial arts style.