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Soothing Waves

Seeds of Adamant Thought are the least of the Adamant Order's strongholds. It is a small priory, dedicated to the care of nearby farming communities. A low wall delineates the borders of the small cluster of buildings. A large strip of grassy area stands between the wall and the buildings, with one or two vegetable gardens usually present. While various Seeds may have slightly different architecture, depending on regional norms and the specifics of the location, they are fundamentally the same. Each has four large buildings which enclose a large central courtyard. Walls between the buildings complete this enclosure, but each has a gate with a simple latch, making the courtyard a peaceful, but not especially secure area. In the center of the courtyard, a tall tree grows. It provides more shade than it should, and the courtyard is always temperate and peaceful. If it snows, the courtyard is chilly, but not quite unpleasantly cold. In the heat of the summer, it is warm and bright, but dry and comfortable. The tree starts out as a large sapling, but grows to a large tree within a decade.

To the north is a large dormitory, with enough beds for fifty people, though few are regularly full. Every Seed has extra cots on hand, and in an emergency could pack in four times that number of people. The dormitories also house sizeable libraries, devoted to both mundane subjects and philosophy.

The south holds a dining area and small dojo. Other rooms are used for whatever the local members prefer. To the west is a large silo and storage area. Although no particular effort need be taken to keep it always full, any food stored here will stay fresh for far longer than it otherwise would. Most Seeds take advantage of this to run breweries, cheese making operations, or similar ventures. As they easily produce much more than they can eat, this often makes them quite popular with the surrounding population.

In the east stands a two and a half story tall temple to the Unconquered Sun. This temple is always cool as stone, dry, and extremely well lit. A large stone figure representing the Unconquered Sun stands on a slightly raised platform at the west end of the temple, facing east. Strategically placed windows guarantee that so long as any light shines outside, the statue will be very well illuminated. Ten human sized figures stand along the north and south walls. Each figure clearly represents one of the traditions, and there are two of each. The figures all appear to be statues, but are really the bound servants of the Manse. Most of the time, they simply stand, but if the Temple is threatened, they will move to defend it. They also obey commands from the Hearthstone Bearer or that are relayed through a linked Manse by someone with authority over the Seed.

The hearthroom is under the courtyard. The only access is under the platform that the statue of the Unconquered Sun usually stands on. The platform is extremely heavy, but the statue can lift it. Should there be no hearthstone bearer, the statue has some discretion in who it will allow entrance. Unless a previous hearthstone bearer has in some way failed in his duties, in the opinion of the statue, he will most likely be allowed entrance. Should no such person be on hand, the statue may allow an especially devout member of the Adamant Order inside. The statue will always obey any member of the Adamant Order with authority over the Seed.

Seeds are linked by geomantic resonance to a larger institution of the Adamant Order usually a Branch of Adamant Thought. In practice, this transmits anything the statues observe, and allows them to be commanded by someone with authority at that larger institution. Seeds are run by full members of the Adamant Order, and each has at least one representative of every tradition. Though numbers can vary, the usual number of initiates at a Seed is between ten and twenty five. Additionally, they often take on orphans or abandoned children, and there may be a few novices serving, so the stable population can be as high as thirty at some Seeds. During crises, the monks offer shelter and food to anyone requesting it.

  • 6 Wood 2
  • 2 Maintenance
  • 2 Provider Manse
  • 2 Bound Servitors
  • 1 Subtle Breath of Sextes Jylis
  • 1 Network Node
  • 1 Farmer's Stone
  • 1 Self Destruct Sequence