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The Venerators of the Aubergine Truth

The Violet Ministers are perhaps the most devious of the traditions. While they are no less faithful than their brothers, they are less skilled at building, or fighting; they are not scholars or priests. Instead, they are the glue that binds the other four orders together. They are visionaries and confidants, auditors and planners. Alone out of the traditions, the ministers do not believe their way is best. Although they lead, they are taught from their enrollment that they are the least of the orders. Instead, more than any other order, they believe that they are necessary. Like a key cog in the machine, they are vital and irreplaceable, but only the engineer will ever achieve glory. Those who do not accept this do not join the Aubergine order.

The Ministers rarely win converts. While they are quite persuasive in person, it is not their focus. They assist the other orders in their missions. Though this often places them in an administrative position, they tend to rule by consensus.

Additionally, the Aubergine Ministers serve as internal guardians of the faith. Their compassion and conviction make them ideal auditors and confessors, more concerned with rehabilitation than punishment. Woe to he who raises his hand to an Aubergine Minister however, they redouble the novice martial arts training.


The Ministers emphasize administrative skills: integrity, bureaucracy and investigation. They build on the novice martial arts training in an astonishing way, also placing emphasis on dodging. While there are no form weapons for their style, ministers often wrap their hands with heavy strips of leather (cestii).