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We set sail after our friends from Emerald Point. We are short on directions, they are short on time. Hopefully, our next stop will provide us with better information. This raider action was unprecedented! Howl insists it was only a matter of time, but Emerald Point was small, isolated, nothing of value. At least the Order beat them back. Would that we could have done the same. I will not fail again though. Howl insists there is a larger picture at stake here, but I will admit I don't see it yet. He is sometimes too pessimistic, but I would be lost without him. He's different since that night too. Ok, the whole speech thing aside, it seems if some of the the Unconquered leaked off into him. He's more grounded, more rooted in honor and duty, though I suppose he was always that way, it was just hard to see under the mane and muzzle. My strange desert wolf, my dearest companion. Together, and with my newly blessed friends, we shall right this wrong, avenge this injustice! We will bring a new peace to this land, even if I must hold back the tide of misery myself.