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These are the entries from the first half of a different campaign where someone else was keeping a diary as his microfiction stuff.

From the Private Journal of Whisper Iron Wind

FY 678: The Discovery of Sanctuary

There is so much knowledge in this place. So much history. The records of a thousand years of successful reign, of a civilization at its peak, and a peak far higher than any I could have imagined possible.

And yet, it fell. How? Ruled with the mandate of heaven, god-kings blessed by the Unconquered Sun, warmasters gifted of Luna, and advisors with the eyes of Fate itself. It fell.

Or it was brought down.

I do not know enough. The records here end before the fall, but there is the message left in this place, pointing to the east. There must be more knowledge there. I must know why this empire ended. I must know how it was brought low. Or I will never be able to raise it once more.

FY 678: The Stone Crown

Today, I claimed Southhaven. In truth, my claim is a fiction - the only right I hold over this land is that no one seems to have taken it first, and that's only because none of my Circle-mates foresaw the necessity of it. But the Fair Folk do not swear fealty to mere travelers, Exalted though they may be. Now my only choice is to make fiction reality. If I am to hold power, if I am to build the world that is to come, I must learn to rule. Whisper Iron Wind, wandering scholar, could afford to merely chronicle events and study interactions. Whisper Iron Wind, King of Southhaven, does not have that luxury.

Rain worries I draw too much power to myself too quickly. And my allies resent my claim to this land. So be it. I will demonstrate the rightness of my choice. I will build here a people of the desert, forged from wind and fire. Born of the First Age and of the Third, an alloy of what comes from Creation and what comes from past it. With the knowledge locked in Sanctuary, I will prove myself upon the Test of Life.

Only then will I be fit to do what must be done. Only then will I be able to restore Creation to its rightful rulers.

FY 678: Six Moons Past

I have reigned now for half a year. I tend to forget what the rest of the Circle is up to, save our infrequent meetings at Sanctuary. I've been… busy. No one expected the settlement of the transport refugees to go simply, but it's gone well enough so far. Explaining the Usurpation was the most difficult part. If I can die without ever again bearing revelations such as that, I will die pleased. Still, even that has its advantages: it's been fairly simple to cultivate loyalty among the population. To start the task of organizing them in self-defense, it was only necessary to remind them of why we had to hide them in a fold of the Wyld. Isha and I have been working to construct a simple code of laws. Not simply to hold in Southhaven, for my subjects' traditions as keepers of a trust have held them together, but as a study in order itself, in the interplay of law, authority, duty, and obedience. This, too, I must understand.

May Blossom, for all that I don't think she cares much for me personally, has also been of invaluable assistance. I scarce trust the Chosen of Fate, but that doesn't mean I can't work with, or learn from them.

Nonetheless, there is a reckoning in the future for them as well. Even Chejop Kejak must know this, which is why he struggles so fiercely against us.

More and more, I have come to the conclusion that the resumption of Solar rule is as a stone, balanced on a mountain peak. We need not push it far to start the avalanche. But we dare not move it until we are ready.

FY 679: Writing Law

Nine months, now. I took some time away to secure some additional resources. Risky, to hunt the Dragon Blooded so near to Southhaven, but Chiaroscuro is a busy enough city that I hope to use it to deflect any suspicion.

I have finally begun penning the Charter of the Solar Deliberative. I've looked over the legal texts of the First Age, and consulted with May Blossom, but this new text must be different. I suspect that the Sidereals have exaggerated the nature of the decline of the original Deliberative, but there is no doubt that such a thing did occur. Structures must be in place from the very first to see that such a thing does not cause the downfall of a second Deliberative. This means laws that bind even the Solar Exalted themselves, and a commitment to enforcing these laws. It is a delicate balancing act, as it must also be a charter that others will agree to. In future lifetimes, it will have the weight of tradition and the mandate of Heaven, but in this lifetime, there must be accord.

Though I suppose there's always the option of conversion by the blade.

Perhaps I must study the arts of war as well. King, general, and scholar of the law… is that what I am to become?

So be it. I will become what I must, and cut down what stands in my way.

FY 679: Celebration, and a New Age

A full year. We held a festival in Southhaven, to celebrate the occasion. I must admit, there are some profound advantages to my freehold-capital, among them the endless supply of drinks. Isha and I spent two days and nights enjoying the revelry. I must remember this as well: celebration of accomplishment is as important as the accomplishment itself. All peoples love to feel appreciated.

I have the finished Charter, and will soon present it to my allies. I have felt the pulse of the world begin to move again. It is as though Creation itself permitted us a year to adjust, to decide on what would come. Now we press forward.

We are threatened on many sides, but have much to accomplish. We hold the manse of the Lap, but not the Lap itself. We lack armies, territory, and resources. Any moment, Kejak may realize what transpires in the South. And yet: we will do what must be done. Our enemies will fall, and the banner of the Unconquered Sun will rise again.

FY 680/YD 1: Beset On All Sides

Too slow. Our enemies know something, or at least, someone knows something, and they were sufficiently cautions to act at a remove. These “breakaway” dynasts… what is their goal? How much do they know? They're holed up in Chiaroscuro by now. It's possible that we could dig them out, but should we attempt it, it's just as possible we could be trapped. No, I think we must wait for them to move again. It was enough, for now, to send the delvers away. Costly, but perhaps we'll come out ahead, and should anyone seek them, they're far from Southhaven.

The Realm draws more and more soldiers from the south to face the Bull of the North. How formidable he must be, to threaten them so. I had considered him rash at first, but as it is said, “it is foolishness if you fail; it is courage if you succeed”. Perhaps he is destined for courage. I should very like to meet him.

But that is secondary to the possibilities the situation offers us. From where will the forces come, I wonder. Will they tap all their garrisons e equally, leaving the coastal cities undermanned? Or will they draw from their reserve at the Lap? They are caught in a fork, and we can seize advantage either way. I must consult with Rain and Fleet Brilliance. Perhaps the stars speak to them of the best path.

FY 680/YD 1: Behind the Throne

It is done. Kirighast is within our grasp. Though we hold it but lightly now, we have in essence snatched it from its own king, without him even knowing of it. A testament to our capabilities.

It was a calculated risk, to send the Tepet scion back to the Isle with news of us, but I think it will bear fruit. He owes us much for saving him face, and the Realm cannot divert from their pursuit of the Bull in any case.

I will retire to Southhaven for now. My lands do not run themselves, after all, and I have much studying to do. The summoning of greater demons is nearly within my grasp. Their power will be another weapon in my hand. I suspect that Azure Phoenix Ascendant can make use of them as well - many have capabilities and influence that align with his.

We have claimed land in full view of Fate. We cannot remain hidden much longer. So be it.